Would that be a day our world will ever be in total peace? If yes, When? If no, Why?

I was disturbed by the recent photo of a Syrian boy whom face was covered by blood and i am not sure is he not afraid, not in pain, or don’t know how to respond anymore. For a moment, just imagine a small cut on your own baby’s finger or foot! The visual itself is unbearable, the pain is piercing your heart, isn’t it?

Day by day, we see cruelty and selfishness of human being is getting worse. Simple act of helping each other has been magnified and praised sky high because it has became a rare act nowadays. Politicians, world leaders are busy with their own agenda and power race. Businessmen busy with building their empire and conquer the business world and making more profit.

The world has became cold and cruel.

Yesterday i was doing my shopping and coffee in the shopping complex. Everyone with handphone with the head down is looking for Pokemon. A game that kill the consciousness and soul of  a person is now conquering the mankind. I may be outdated or not up to the trend but i just don’t get it why a group of people willing to run and fight towards the same direction for the imaginary little monster that appear on the bl**dy screen while ignoring the human who is breathing and talking just right beside them?

Looking at this scenario and today when i look at the bleeding child in Syria, isn’t it the same? The way human being indulged in the imaginary world or perfection, ignoring the actual scenario of  the world. The way Pokemon game has swept the world and making people crazy has proved one thing, If it’s not about me (or my pokemon), i simply don’t care.

As a conclusion, personally i think world peace will ever happen. You can call me a pessimist! But will i stop praying for world peace? I won’t stop until my last breath. This is my duty for being born as a human in this life and i shall honor it.


Let’s pray and not ask for return.

Let’s pray and continue to love.

Let’s pray and spread the positive energy.

Let’s pray for the World Peace and prove me wrong!