Vrksa- Means Tree in Sanskrit.

Vrksasana is referring to the Tree Pose, require you to stand with one leg with stability and focus. It’s just like the real tree in life, regardless of the season change, rain or sun, they stood still in where the root were planted.

In life we need this focus and strength especially when we face challenges or difficulties. The values withheld by us, is just like the root of the tree, guide and protect us from any disturbance.

The myth behind this pose, is related to the Ashoka tree which is also a symbol of love. When Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, she refused to spend even one night in his palace. She has faith that Rama will come for her. She was being watched by a group of monsters, under the ashoka tree. Even though the monsters were trying to influence her by telling her Rama will never come to save her, but she hold on to the strongest belief that Rama will come. She can hear the tree whispered to her to stay strong and be patience to wait for Rama. (click here for full article)

In this beautiful morning, let's learn the strength of the tree...Stand Still..

In this beautiful morning, let’s learn the strength of the tree…Stand Still..