Mindfulness & Meditation

I learned about the word “Mindfulness” 15 years back during a meditation camp. All I know was, being aware of the present moment, where there’s no emotion, no past, no future.

Have you ever “be in the present”? Just observe your breath and do not entertain any incoming thoughts. Don’t analyse, don’t comment on the thought and let it pass by. That state, is being in the present.

In recent years, more and more researches were being conducted to find out the benefits of meditation. Recent research provides strong evidence that practicing non-judgmental, present-moment awareness (a.k.a. mindfulness) can literally change the brain.

The whole world is talking about the benefits and importance of meditation. I strongly believe and encourage human at all level to learn some simple mindfulness exercise and slowly explore the proper techniques of meditation.

in this chaotic world, we need to take some time to look inwards, be at peace with ourselves.

Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.