Do you think you are beautiful?

What’s the image that pop up in your mind when you think about the word beautiful? Would that be a person’s face? A scenery? A celebrity? A piece of artwork?

What will make you think that this person or this thing is “beautiful”? What is the measurement and how do you judge?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, well, some said Beauty lies in the eyes of beer holder, just kidding! The sad fact is, in recent time, how we think something or someone is beautiful is determined by how the media and society proclaimed. They set a figure, a standard that how beauty should be perceived. It is now getting harder to convince someone that they are beautiful just by being themselves!

Beauty has no boundary. Someone do not need a super model figure to be beautiful. Think good, Do good, and THAT IS BEAUTY!

So, wake up!! The flowers do not need to be told how beautiful they are and they bloom!!

I am beautiful, so do YOU!