Health & Nutrition

Living longer with a healthy body is the ultimate goal for every human being! Would you agree with me?

Have you ever thought about these questions? How much vegetable you are consuming each day, and are they sufficient? How do you know your daily intake of food is enough for your body? What are the latest research regarding health? How the modern medicine brings benefits but at the same time bring harm to our body?

How our mind affecting our health and what is the latest research about neuroplasticity all about? Why there are more and more disease in the world but at the same time human are able to live longer and longer.

In this column, I would like to share some prominent research or information by the authorities, which will be good reference if you wish to learn more about how nutrition can improve your health.

While doing proper and effective exercise to improve health, our body, the temple of our soul will also need nutrients to sustain and a strong will to live longer, and most importantly, healthier.



Dr John Bergman is one of my favorite Health Consultant! His genuine sharing and knowledge about how human body works will give you a brand new understanding of how intelligent is human body and what we can do to optimize our health. Everyone can live longer with a healthy body! I personally think this is a MUST-WATCH video for anyone who seriously concern and care about their health! Enjoy!