This page is to keep track on my transformation and learning journey all these years. I would like to thank all the gurus, masters, mentors, teachers and friends whom has been part of my growth. Without their direct or indirect guidance, i wouldn’t be who i am today. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Workshop with Laruga

It was an unexpected opportunity to be able to attend a workshop by Laruga Glaser back in August 2016. I was very interested to learn more about Ashtanga at that point of time and i bump into this workshop.

During the process, to my surprise Ashtanga Yoga is not about strength but rather very focus practice of yoga in a flow. When breath and body movement become one, the practitioner might get into a meditative mode and will not get exhausted so quickly.

In two days workshop I did not learn much on the techniques but more of shifting my old paradigm about what is Ashtanga Yoga. It requires high level of commitment and consistency in practice, in order to achieve advanced stage in this line of Yoga.

I thank Laruga for the precious knowledge and kind words.


In teaching it is always important to keep learning, practicing and exploring. 

Be a student in Life and you will be the best teacher.







Dr Wayne Dyer 

I heard about Dr Wayne Dyer 10 years ago and that was the time i do not know what i really want in life. My friend have asked me to read one of his book, How to Get What you Really, Really, Really Want. I must admit at that point of time i am not able to comprehend and understand the whole content of it.

Until the few years back, I accidentally found one of his book, entitled “Wishes Fulfilled”. That’s when i begin to learn and digest his teaching in a deeper way and was benefited a lot from him. I must say he is the key for me to begin my spiritual journey. In year 2015, my dream came true and I have gain an opportunity to see him in person! The rest become history.

His death right after my meeting with him in Melbourne gave me one of the biggest shock of my life. I realized the uncertainty in life and becoming more aware and appreciative of the people surrounding me. One of his famous quote : “We are not human beings in search of a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience.” has impacted me a lot in many ways.

I am ever grateful to my mentor, friend whom has introduced Dr Wayne Dyer’s book to me, that might have planted the seed in me. I am ever grateful to Dr Wayne Dyer for what he has contribute to the mankind with his selfless teaching and sharing.