After close to 20 years of friendship, few friends and i managed to arrange for an outing in Penang last May. I must say this is a long overdue gathering!

We knew each other since secondary school and each of us came from different background. We were so different in a way but yet we felt connected and still being close with each other even with very minimum get together every year. We define this as the true friendship.

We had good food, good laughter during the two days. Friends were being very encouraging knowing I has been teaching yoga and wanted a yoga session with me. After stopped teaching for quite some time, I felt reluctant initially but since it’s just for fun, i said OK to them.

Without a proper class plan, sequencing, i came up with few simple and relaxing postures for my beloved friends. With individual experience of yoga, practice, i can see all of them were having fun throughout the process.

Yoga, doesn’t has to be most challenging or difficult. I think most importantly, practitioner need to be able to enjoy the process of each movement, each breath and that’s sufficient.

Some says in the final moment of our life, these will be the people and memories that make us smile and say to ourselves that, yes, i have lived my life.

I am ever thankful to my supportive friends and always treasure all the laughter we had!

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