When do you find you are not able to hold on during certain balancing posture? The answer is when your mind wondering around and not being focused at one fixed point. Teacher will always say focus at one point and bring your awareness to the body, and when you failed to do that, that’s when you will go off balance and falling apart.

In life, we often focus on the most important or urgent thing that needed our attention, mostly are work related. Human being are too busy running around chasing dreams and achieving success. What is a balance life then? Some says balance our life between work and family. I can’t agree more on that as after all, why are you working so hard for? But have you ever wondering where is the self that needed some space and balance too? The self that yearning for a moment of quietness and being away from people, work, family, by just being alone? When you are accompanying by people, you have no time to listen to your inner voice. You are too busy to attend to every single dialogue, messages, and also following other people’s life on social media!

To me, being balance means able to find the space and time for yourself in the chaotic world, simply do nothing. You may practice simple mindfulness exercise, calm your mind and enjoy the moment of peace. When you feel the sense of balance deep inside you, that’s when you can bring the balance to the others, there’s also when the harmony will be created.