I have decided to attend AOL Part II Course when i get to know that Krishanji will be here. I don’t know how to explain the connection i have with this master and I just knew that I am seeing him, no matter what.

I have attended the Yoga Retreat with him in 2015. Without much knowledge about what i am going to encounter, i simple jump into it because someone told me that he is the founder of Sri Sri Yoga Course. During the entire process, i felt the depth of his wisdom, his compassion and his love.

In the 4 days course, so many questions were answered. i found the sense of joy and peace deeply rooted inside my heart. I felt fulfilled and blessed by the great master. This was an amazing journey inwards that i wish everyone will go through.

Krishanji said, our love for him was overflown and he doesn’t know how to handle it. I would say, the love from him and the guru is like the air, surrounding us regardless where we are, what we do. The only way to feel it is to embrace it, and to believe deeply that their love are endless.



Blessed moment to be able to speak to him. 


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