I have been practicing yoga for the last 10 years. From a fresh beginner to obtaining yoga teaching certificate and I enjoyed every single moment on the mat.

In the journey of sharing and teaching the beauty of Yoga, I often hear students asking for techniques, skills, tips on how to improve certain postures, or achieving a more challenging and difficult one. I completely understand how they feel as everyone born to strive for perfection. In the practice of yoga, it’s mostly the challenging postures that keep you going, and wanting to achieve more.

That’s also when I begin to think about what is beyond postures and what do we want to achieve ultimately in practicing Yoga. And when I begin to study deeper in Patanjali Yoga Sutra (for more info about patanjali yoga sutra), I realised all the answers are there.

YOGA, came from the Sanskrit word – Yug, means union. It is to reunite our mind, body and soul, in achieving self-realization and enlightenment. Lately, Yoga practice has become more holistic, and growing beyond the physical practice of postures and body flexibility. This awareness has led to yoga practices are combined with meditation to find one’s inner peace and live happily.

That is why I started Beyond Yoga. As the name suggest, it is just that; beyond the routine yoga postures. The aim of this space is to share the applied knowledge about the three core areas that I find very essential- Yoga & Breathing, Health & Nutrition, Meditation & Mindfulness.

However, there is no right or wrong if you wish to learn and practice yoga just to stay healthy and flexible. Keep it going and improve continuously to become healthier. You will find the resources that I am sharing here about how to practice and improve your postures safely are very useful for your self-practice.

If you would like to seek deeper and know beyond just the postures, join the journey with me to be enlighten and reunite with your mind body and soul, to go beyond the common definition of YOGA.





  • begin my practice 10 years back and now still on the way progressing.
  • have loads of passion towards yoga.
  • found the true meaning of Yoga along the way, based on my own understanding and experiences
  • can’t wait to share this knowledge with many..



  • fear, worried, doubted myself – all the time.



  • share sincerely, so there shouldn’t be any fear.
  • share completely, so there shouldn’t be any doubt.
  • know Yoga is NOT merely an exercise
  • know Yoga is NOT merely a showcase of flexibility and strength.
  • know there are something that is BEYOND YOGA, beyond the ordinary definition about Yoga.



What Yoga Means to me:

Yoga is beyond the practice of postures! I strongly believes that Yoga is a holistic approach that first will bring us physical health, but ultimately it will lead the practitioner towards self realization and achieving inner peace.

My mission is to inspire the student to go beyond the common definition of yoga.

My philosophy of Life is,

To find the true self that is pure joy and live life to the fullness.




Catherine begins her yoga journey in year 2007. She completed her 200Hr YTC in year 2012 and recently obtained her 300Hr YTC Certification from Association of Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh, India.