If i try to motivate you by showing the 104 year old yogis, you might turn around and say,” Nahhh… I am not going to live this long!”

What about 72 year old?

Janice Lennard is 72 and she started her practice at the age on 60! She said she never felt that she is old, while many of us use our age to convince ourselves from trying new things. While living in fear thinking that any kind of practice might expose yourself into sports injury, why not learn more about your own body and practice with patience and compassion? That is the key to prevent injury during the practice of postures.

Age should not be the excuse for not exercising as it’s your responsibility to find out the best suit for yourself. One to one yoga class to customize the class plan, Iyengar Yoga that you can get assistance by using props, Therapeutic Yoga that emphasizing on healing, there is always a choice!

Listen to this 4 minutes video will change your perception of “I am too old for Yoga”. As your age is catching up, THAT should be the reason for you to keep any type of exercise, to stay vital and healthy. It is not about living a long lives, it’s about living a healthy and blissful life that matters.