Vrksa- Means Tree in Sanskrit.

Vrksasana is referring to the Tree Pose, require you to stand with one leg with stability and focus. It’s just like the real tree in life, regardless of the season change, rain or sun, they stood still in where the root were planted.

In life we need this focus and strength especially when we face challenges or difficulties. The values withheld by us, is just like the root of the tree, guide and protect us from any disturbance.

The myth behind this pose, is related to the Ashoka tree which is also a symbol of love. When Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, she refused to spend even one night in his palace. She has faith that Rama will come for her. She was being watched by a group of monsters, under the ashoka tree. Even though the monsters were trying to influence her by telling her Rama will never come to save her, but she hold on to the strongest belief that Rama will come. She can hear the tree whispered to her to stay strong and be patience to wait for Rama. (click here for full article)

In this beautiful morning, let's learn the strength of the tree...Stand Still..
In this beautiful morning, let’s learn the strength of the tree…Stand Still..


Teacher Development Program With Jason Crandell

It was such a last minute decision for me to jump into Jason’s program last June.

I do not know what drives me but somehow i thought this is the right programme for me.

The first day when i entered into Pure Yoga Center, I was stunt! A luxury and cozy yoga center located at the premier building in Singapore. Well equipped with ample shower room, make up room, lockers with security code facilities, healthy juice bar and food is also available there.

I was amazed!

The Healthy Juice Bar

The Healthy Juice Bar



Very beautiful studio
Very beautiful studio
Please stop me from buying all these beautiful Yoga outfits!
Please stop me from buying all these beautiful Yoga outfits!


When Jason came into the room with the warmest smile on his face, i knew that i have made the right decision to be here.

He is witty, knowledgeable and warm in every sense. Regardless of his jetlag and losing his voice due to drastic change of weather, he is giving all he has to the students. This is the moment i begin to understand, a true teacher does not need his voice to communicate. The connection that deep in the heart is way beyond the voice can reach.

20170603_093817 I am blessed to be able to join his class. The 5 days training with him has opened up my understanding about vinyasa and different way of teaching yoga. I truly appreciate his sincere sharing and the entire learning process was priceless for me.

I wish soon, i will be able to attend his teacher training course in US or London.




Do you think you are beautiful?

What’s the image that pop up in your mind when you think about the word beautiful? Would that be a person’s face? A scenery? A celebrity? A piece of artwork?

What will make you think that this person or this thing is “beautiful”? What is the measurement and how do you judge?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, well, some said Beauty lies in the eyes of beer holder, just kidding! The sad fact is, in recent time, how we think something or someone is beautiful is determined by how the media and society proclaimed. They set a figure, a standard that how beauty should be perceived. It is now getting harder to convince someone that they are beautiful just by being themselves!

Beauty has no boundary. Someone do not need a super model figure to be beautiful. Think good, Do good, and THAT IS BEAUTY!

So, wake up!! The flowers do not need to be told how beautiful they are and they bloom!!

I am beautiful, so do YOU!

104 year old is too long? What about 72?

If i try to motivate you by showing the 104 year old yogis, you might turn around and say,” Nahhh… I am not going to live this long!”

What about 72 year old?

Janice Lennard is 72 and she started her practice at the age on 60! She said she never felt that she is old, while many of us use our age to convince ourselves from trying new things. While living in fear thinking that any kind of practice might expose yourself into sports injury, why not learn more about your own body and practice with patience and compassion? That is the key to prevent injury during the practice of postures.

Age should not be the excuse for not exercising as it’s your responsibility to find out the best suit for yourself. One to one yoga class to customize the class plan, Iyengar Yoga that you can get assistance by using props, Therapeutic Yoga that emphasizing on healing, there is always a choice!

Listen to this 4 minutes video will change your perception of “I am too old for Yoga”. As your age is catching up, THAT should be the reason for you to keep any type of exercise, to stay vital and healthy. It is not about living a long lives, it’s about living a healthy and blissful life that matters.



Impressive Postures = YOGA??

I have come across a brilliant article by Katerina Cosgrove entitled The Western Yoga has sold its soul. I totally share the same concern she has towards the current Yoga industry especially in the western country, up to some point, in Asia as well. We begin to fancy advanced yoga postures that can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Blogs etc, and we will only learn from the teachers whom can perform those super complicated and difficult postures.

I do not deny the hard work of these respected yoga teachers, it’s about what is the message we are going to sent out to the world, about the true meaning of Yoga? Some students may be inspired and follow the path but there are so many out there will look at it as if a mission impossible and make a U-turn at the doorstep. With that, many will missed the opportunity to explore the beauty and benefits of Yoga.

So, what exactly yoga can do to our body? I mean, maybe just some simple and basic yoga postures?

Physically, by practicing asanas, a.k.a. yoga postures will help us to stretch the muscle, release the joints, sent oxygen into our blood stream, strengthen the bones and improve our body posture, provided it has been done in a correct way. Some says yoga can help to cure diseases but to me that’s too big of a claim because, it’s not that Yoga able to cure sickness, but it is the activity that happen in our body has bring enough blood and oxygen to the entire body, slowly detox and purify the body. With that, healing happened and health will come along. Our body is so intelligent as it heal by itself! In between i believe pranayama (breathing) and meditation will play a part during the recovery process. This has been clearly identified in the 8 limbs of Yoga.

Mentally, by practicing yoga, we learn to stay focus. During the yoga practice, we were required to stay concentrate and aware completely of each body movement. When our mind stay focus on one task, it will eventually trained to be calm and being able to finishes the task without disturbance. That’s why a complete yoga practice always emphasize on Mind, Body and Breath connection. By focusing on your own breath, we managed to bring our wandering mind to stillness. We become more aware and appreciative of each inhale and exhale, where life happens.

Emotionally, Yoga bring one into calmer state. Most of the time after the class, students will share their feedback of feeling much relaxed compared to before the class. This is simply because physical activity helps boost up the endorphins, which is also the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. This applied to any form of exercise, be it running, hiking, swimming.

Only with clear understanding of Yoga is NOT merely about fancy and advance backbending or standing on your hand, the student can embrace the true purpose and meaning of Yoga. Ultimately, practicing asanas is to prepare our body for being able to meditate, and connect to the inner self.








Remembering Dr Wayne Dyer


Last year this date – 23 August, is the 2nd day i met Dr Wayne Dyer and i am fortunate enough to listen to him for consecutively 2 days.

His laughter and his voice is still fresh in my mind and I still miss him dearly. I can’t believe he has left us for 1 year already.

His departure has taught me the biggest lesson in life, do whatever you think it’s right and have no regret with your decision. When i decided to change my air ticket and entire holiday plan just to see him, i knew it’s a right decision and i was determine to make it happen!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us, Dr Wayne Dyer. Your teaching will be with me forever!




World Peace or not? – inspired by Pokemon

Would that be a day our world will ever be in total peace? If yes, When? If no, Why?

I was disturbed by the recent photo of a Syrian boy whom face was covered by blood and i am not sure is he not afraid, not in pain, or don’t know how to respond anymore. For a moment, just imagine a small cut on your own baby’s finger or foot! The visual itself is unbearable, the pain is piercing your heart, isn’t it?

Day by day, we see cruelty and selfishness of human being is getting worse. Simple act of helping each other has been magnified and praised sky high because it has became a rare act nowadays. Politicians, world leaders are busy with their own agenda and power race. Businessmen busy with building their empire and conquer the business world and making more profit.

The world has became cold and cruel.

Yesterday i was doing my shopping and coffee in the shopping complex. Everyone with handphone with the head down is looking for Pokemon. A game that kill the consciousness and soul of  a person is now conquering the mankind. I may be outdated or not up to the trend but i just don’t get it why a group of people willing to run and fight towards the same direction for the imaginary little monster that appear on the bl**dy screen while ignoring the human who is breathing and talking just right beside them?

Looking at this scenario and today when i look at the bleeding child in Syria, isn’t it the same? The way human being indulged in the imaginary world or perfection, ignoring the actual scenario of  the world. The way Pokemon game has swept the world and making people crazy has proved one thing, If it’s not about me (or my pokemon), i simply don’t care.

As a conclusion, personally i think world peace will ever happen. You can call me a pessimist! But will i stop praying for world peace? I won’t stop until my last breath. This is my duty for being born as a human in this life and i shall honor it.


Let’s pray and not ask for return.

Let’s pray and continue to love.

Let’s pray and spread the positive energy.

Let’s pray for the World Peace and prove me wrong!


Fun Yoga Session with Friends

After close to 20 years of friendship, few friends and i managed to arrange for an outing in Penang last May. I must say this is a long overdue gathering!

We knew each other since secondary school and each of us came from different background. We were so different in a way but yet we felt connected and still being close with each other even with very minimum get together every year. We define this as the true friendship.

We had good food, good laughter during the two days. Friends were being very encouraging knowing I has been teaching yoga and wanted a yoga session with me. After stopped teaching for quite some time, I felt reluctant initially but since it’s just for fun, i said OK to them.

Without a proper class plan, sequencing, i came up with few simple and relaxing postures for my beloved friends. With individual experience of yoga, practice, i can see all of them were having fun throughout the process.

Yoga, doesn’t has to be most challenging or difficult. I think most importantly, practitioner need to be able to enjoy the process of each movement, each breath and that’s sufficient.

Some says in the final moment of our life, these will be the people and memories that make us smile and say to ourselves that, yes, i have lived my life.

I am ever thankful to my supportive friends and always treasure all the laughter we had!

Yoga @ Penang Yoga @ Penang 2



I Trust Me!



Have you ever say this to someone, that you trust him/her?

Wait a minute, are you trusting them or you are actually trust your own judgment toward this person? We always feeling as if honoring someone when we told them that, we trusted them. But the actual fact is, you are trusting yourself, that this person is trustworthy, isn’t it?

What about when you trust a wrong person? Are you angry with the person, or angry with yourself that you have made a wrong judgment? When you say ” how could you do this to me?”, does it mean how could YOU do this to me or how could you do this to ME? See the different?

I personally feel that trust is something need not to be said at all time. When you trust someone completely, i believe he or she will know.

Well, I would conclude it this way:

  1. There’s no such thing as i trust you 100%. Trust means trust. 99% of trust IS NOT a trust!
  2. Trust is like a piece of paper, once it’s crumble, it will never be the same.
  3. You don’t have to keep telling someone that “Actually” you trust them! Because when you say actually, means you are not really!
  4. If you have no one that you can trust, the problem is with YOU, not others.



Art Of Living Part II Course

I have decided to attend AOL Part II Course when i get to know that Krishanji will be here. I don’t know how to explain the connection i have with this master and I just knew that I am seeing him, no matter what.

I have attended the Yoga Retreat with him in 2015. Without much knowledge about what i am going to encounter, i simple jump into it because someone told me that he is the founder of Sri Sri Yoga Course. During the entire process, i felt the depth of his wisdom, his compassion and his love.

In the 4 days course, so many questions were answered. i found the sense of joy and peace deeply rooted inside my heart. I felt fulfilled and blessed by the great master. This was an amazing journey inwards that i wish everyone will go through.

Krishanji said, our love for him was overflown and he doesn’t know how to handle it. I would say, the love from him and the guru is like the air, surrounding us regardless where we are, what we do. The only way to feel it is to embrace it, and to believe deeply that their love are endless.



Blessed moment to be able to speak to him. 


To know more about the Art of Living organization, you may visit